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EKGroup's leadership training and development programs equip leaders to handle the complexities and challenges of contemporary organizations.

Today's leaders must focus on today's essentials.

There are seven essential tasks that today's leaders must master:
Setting value-added direction
Inspiring trust and commitment
Mobilizing and empowering others
Collaborating with multiple stakeholders
Navigating turbulence and change
Developing other leaders
Achieving sustainable results

Building on Cornell University's Contemporary Leadership curriculum, EKGroup presents The Leadership CoreTM -- a composite of leadership training and development programs that address these critical leadership essentials of today's organizations.

The Leadership CoreTM is ideal for:
Organizations that are changing and need their leaders to keep pace
Organizations that want to maximize the productivity of their people
Managers in all fields wanting to refine and advance their leadership skills
Professionals and managers moving into leadership positions
Executives and thought leaders needing to mobilize others around key initiatives
People who want to build, manage, and sustain quality relationships
People who need to lead others without having formal authority

Program topics include, but are not limited to:
Fundamentals of Contemporary Leadership
Managing, Creating, and Leading Change
Powerful Communications
Leading Through Influence
Managing Challenging Relationships
Leading Diverse Teams
Developing Talent
Leading in Cross-Cultural Environments
Personal Development and Career Management

Our programs are designed to provide immediate and sustained value to our clients.
They are comprehensive in design, but simple in execution
All material is focused on direct application to participants' real-world issues
Clients are left with sound principles and tools to apply to current and future challenges

The Leadership CoreTM is available in a variety of formats, all focused on direct application:
Group Training, which may be delivered as a singular workshop or in modules
Individual Action Learning that includes personal development planning and one-on-one consultation
Condensed Learning Forums that present targeted Contemporary Leadership concepts and skills over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as part of departmental meetings.

For more information about any of these programs, please contact Elaine Kamm at 908.537.9144 or by e-mail at elainekamm@ekgrp.com.

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